Friday, February 13, 2009

The Plan - Part 1

The plan is a total diet overhaul. I will loosely follow the Paleo path along with HIIT based exercises.

Why this particular path you ask? First of all, I agree with the principals outlined in the Paleo diet. Our bodies have evolved eating the paleo way over thousands of years. The highly processed food that we eat over the last few years have ruined our health.

Secondly, I am also insulin resistant as evidenced by my PCOS. So overal low carb diet makes that much more sense to me healthwise.

However, I am not going to go nuts and completley eliminate carbs or even drastically reduce them from my diet. There are multiple reasons for this: my body has evolved on the traditional diet of konkanastha brahmins or marathi diet over the last few thousand years. I cannot simply ignore that fact; secondly the marathi diet with emphasis on konkani diet is partially nutritionally sound except for that huge gaping hole- lack of animal based protein; thirdly I really like to eat simple marathi food and do not feel like I had lunch/dinner till I eat the way I was fed since a baby.

So I have decided to compromise and eat a blend of my traditional diet and Paleo based diet. The big no-no will be wheat. From the research I have done, wheat is THE worst food you can consume besides sugar. Which is a huge bummer because the main portion of my diet so far has been wheat. I live on wheat. Eliminating wheat is going to be a huge adjustment.

Okay confession time~~ I have "almost' eliminated wheat for the last two weeks and I am doing OK. But I know that like an addict, it is never far from my mind! Sighhhhh

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