Friday, February 27, 2009

Eating plan

I am still finding the best balance in diet for me. I simply do not subscribe to zero carb diet. I think it has many many pitfalls atleast for me. For one, I do not eat any meat beyond chicken, fish and occasional goat meat. I hate all other kinds of meat. SO with that in mind a zero carb diet will be very limited for me.

Having said that, my goal is ti still eliminate wheat and limit other grains. I love daal-chaval with a dollop of ghee in it. Yummy. The trick for me will be finding the correct balacne between carbs/proteins and fats FOR ME.

I have insulin resistance as evidenced by PCOS. So, I need to reset my insulin sensitivity. Currently doing reasearch on the optimal diet to achieve that. I can do zero carbs for a few days, not more. Hopefully I can resert my sensitivity with couple of weeks of that. I am still reading about this optimal diet to reset insulin sensitivity because I think that the last time I did do phase one of South Beach diet for couple of weeks, it did not help me at all. SO I am not sure that following that plan will indeed reset my insulin sensitivity. I hope to find a solution soon.

The paleolithic trials ( blogged about my Stephan and Dr. Eades) show significant improvement in insulin levels over just 10 days of Paleo diet with significant amount of high fructose in form of fruits.
The trial results are very heartnening. Although it is still pretty low carb ~ what with meat being main ingredient of a meal, it is something that I might be able to try.

I am already on a form of Paleo diet~ no wheat (mostly) low grains and more protein and fat. so far I have not seen any change in my fitness profile. Its disheartening, but I must remember that I also ate quite a bit of chocolate and nuts like peanuts and almonds. I know nuts make me gain weight. Also cause acidity in my stomach. Have to stay away from them. I will write more about my diet as I go. It will be mostly trial and error kinda diet for sure.

Many changes will take place in the next couple of weeks. If things turn out the way I fervently hope they would, then I have to take a serious look at my diet.

In the meanwhile, I will go and lurk on Matt's fabulous blog. Stephan also has ongoing discussion on how to eat grains properly~ somehting that I am really looking forward to.


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  1. Well I am in the same boat.
    I guess you are an Indian ;-), same here.
    So I am married to a Vegetarian. So I cannot get to a low carb diet.
    I have settled for the following diet. Admittedly being a male, I have a larger energy requirement. I am losing a pound a week, which probably means 3500cal deficit.

    Breakfast: 3 eggs in butter + 1/2 litre whole milk, but cream removed, and I suspect that the milkman adds plenty of water.
    Lunch: a bowl of Vegetables cooked in mustard oil + about 100gm of chicken (including the bones) + raw fruits (low sweet) and vegetables.
    Dinner: Anything goes, predominately a vegetarian meal. I tend to avoid wheat. I prefer the south indian style rice+lentil fermented things like Dosa, Appam, etc.

    I think I am getting a lot less calories, but I don't feel hungry or a lack of energy. But then I never was very energetic :-(.

    I have also started intermittent fasting. About once a week, from dinner to dinner.

    I am also supplementing about 1/2 spoon of cod liver oil. I am also expecting Vitamin D3 and K2 supplementation any day now. Still have to think about Magnesium and Iodine.

    I had fatty liver last year, I am hoping it will be much better now.