Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Failure day!

Slow day today! Trying to read up on lot of my favorite blogs on Paleo diet and nutrition. Have to give shout out to Stephan for his great blog. He seems extremely reasonable with his recommendations and does not come across as a fanatic compared to some of the others. Matt Stone is another one, but he confuses me a lot! :(

Breakfast was one hardboiled egg. Lunch was non-Paleo 6 inch tuna sandwich from subway. Throw in a few chips and some candy. Today is just not my day!

Feeling tired and lethargic. Is it because of the wheat bread in lunch? Hmmm not sure but an interesting propostion. Something to test out in future.

Plan for the rest of the evening: Barry's upper body bootcamp. Dinner will be yesterday's leftover salmon. I need to find some veggies to go with it.

Epic fail at limiting coffee to 2 cups. What can I say..way too cold and lethrgic ~ need a pick me up.

WOW, I am good at excuses.

Yesterday brekky was 2 boiled eggs. Lunch was a piece of grilled salmon ~ yummmy!

Epic failure later in the afternoon ~ ate chocolate ~ rich buttery chocolate and some dried sweetened cranberries. Oh well. One day at a time right?

Did Barry's boot camp in the evening with lower body workout added. Felt real good. :)

Note: I usually loose my appetite or feel less hungry after doing Barry's boot camp. It's a good thing right?
Dinner was a glass of cold rose milk with sugar..(.there I go again). But it really tamped down the heartburn I felt making its way up.

One good news: managed to limit coffee to 2 cups yesterday.


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