Friday, June 19, 2009

Fitness Fridays

Wow, its already friday! This day has been a lot of fun so far and just a hint to things to come this weekend!

Friday morning saw me doing aerobics class plus lower body blast plus a 10 minute high intensity blast. Soooo good. I feel absolutely fabulous. What do I feel like?!? I feel like a sexy gal with toned sexy thin thighs! Oh yeah......

Who cares if it is only in my mind so far? Who cares if my thighs are still thundering? I feel fab that's all that matters. Right? :)

This weekend is going to be a-fre--aaa-kking FABULOUS!

Tomorrow morning ofcourse starts with some ass-kicking workout, then some shopping while
A works out at Ballys. Then its off to lunch at this really awesome seafood place for some delicious lobster. Oh man, this place has the most awesome bread EVAH. These buns literally drown in butter. So am I going to be a bad girl and eat as many as I can? YES OFCOURSE
Who can resist that bread? That is going to be my one indulgence for the day! not really! There is cake consumption somewhere in there...........

We have a birthday party to attend Saturday evening. This baby-girl is as cute as they ever come, more scrumptious than chocolate cake dripping in fresh cream chocolate icing. Yes!

Ha, so make that two indulgences...not counting all that lobster and party food.

Hmmmm, putting this all down here is making me realize that it is indeed going to be an over the top day for gluttony. All that great food, plus shopping plus awesome company of close friends.... and a movie tonight.

Methinks I am cramming too much fun in a single day. Now I am seriously thinking about breaking it up and leaving some fun out for some other weekend.
Maybe lobster lunch can be had some other weekend. Not a bad idea. I am sure
A will be on board with it.

Sunday is going to be lazy lazy end to the week. I am going to be all my myself almost throughout the day. So the day is going to be spent replanting, planting even more yummy herbs and flowers and an afternoon spent browsing at Barnes and Noble with my favorite cup of joe.

Aaaah, sublime!

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