Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holidays and New Years!

Nothing puts new years resolutions in focus like holiday noshing! Decadent food equals guilt run amok.
After all, that freshly baked cookie goes right to you know where......
Just the right nudge you need to get thinking about the coming year. I prefer to drill down to my resolutions by visualizing my goals. How do I want my life to look 6 months into the year, how do I want my life to look by the end of the year. This visualization includes my look, my health, my financial health, my family, my career etc in random order.

I visualized what my fitness level should look like a 4 months out, 6 months out and so on. Fitness also serves to achieve my goal look for the next year. This vision in my head is very exciting! I love the way I look. I love the clothes I will be wearing, the bags I will carry and generally how fabulous I will look!

Find me on Polyvore

I cannot wait to get to work! I have created polyvores of my looks and pinned them on my inspiration board.

My fitness goals are really simple.....workout six days a week; play a game and do whole lot more yoga. Simple and straightforward. Nothing really complicated.

And I am not waiting for 2010 to work on it! Life starts now!

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