Friday, September 10, 2010

Sabotouers !!

List of things in my life (including me) that sabotage my progress! :(

1) ME! -my laziness knows no bounds lately - is it depression?

2) Lack of support! - from A. He shows no enthusiasm for working out and does not push me- something that I sorely need to overcome #1 above. Maybe he too suffers from the malady listed above?

3) Food cravings! - This is the combination of 1 and 2 above. A suffers most from it. He loves to eat out! He loves variety.

4) Carb cravings! Take inositol?

5) Lack of food planning organization gene - I have no plan for food for a day- forget a week! That leads to eating truck load of easy to make/easily accessible CARBS.



  1. Hi Fitnatic,

    You had posted some questions on my blog, which I try unsuccessfully maintain.

    I have posted the answers there, in the same post.

    I checked your blog entries to understand what you are doing, where are you and what are your goals.

    I could find out what you are doing but not the other two.

    It is very important to know where you are and where you want to be to find out what would be the best possible way to reach there. In some cases some strategies may need to be ruled out.

    In my case I was an obese person, and I wanted to get to a normal weight. I wanted to build some strength and be healthy in general. I do not crave abs, and do not care for exercising a lot.

    My method was to keep my diet totally random, sometimes zero carb, sometimes high carb, mostly moderate carb. Randomness helps in disturbing homeostasis, which allows it to settle to a lower level. My exercise is basically some weight lifting 2-3 times a week, following the starting strength program. I don't like exercising, so lifting somethings sometimes gels with me better than other methods. Also I don't have much free time.

    I am at a healthy weight, and am not actively trying to lose weight any longer.

    I do think you need to fix your strategy based on your goals and current fitness level. I don't see any clear strategy. Once you have a clear strategy, then you can use this blog to write whenever you go out of your selected path. The blog can be helpful in bringing you back on track.

    Some other things that I couldn't get a clarity on. What supplements you are using? Do you take fish oil and Vitamin D3? They are very important. Do you actively avoid Omega6 fats? Do you avoid fructose? I didn't see these topics mentioned. Both are very important.

    You can contact me at anandsr21 at gmail.

  2. Thank you for catching that typo. It was meant to say Soak dried fava beans in water. It is all fixed now.

  3. Hi Anand,

    Thank you for leaving such a detailed comment. I live in USA and have been following the same blogs you follow for a few years now. So I have a fair idea about the diet and lifestyle I need to(and do) adopt. I do not necessarily share everything on my blog, especially since those other blogs already do such a good job of it. My blog is just there to chronicle my journey and my varied interests. I guess I should also blog regularly about my food and exercise routine- just to keep me in line - cuz then I will have to post every piece of chocolate consumed in a day. :)

    The main reason that I reached out to you was to find out how you follow the paleo principles while being mostly vegetarian and living in India where certain things are not readily available. I am trying to persuade my family in India to follow a low carb-ish diet. The main obstacle is convincing them to give up wheat.

    Thank you for sharing your eating style. Any recommendations for good quality cod liver oil? What kind of oil do you use for cooking? Is it mostly ghee?

  4. To shed some light - I try and eat low carb ish paleo - not always successful though. So I am a bit jealous of those like you who can. I hate to cook and hence a quick trip to subway sounds very good.

    I also supplement with Vit d3 1000 iu though I will up it to about 4000 iu now in cold dark winter days. Good quality fish oil supplement. Magnesium, zinc etc which when taken regularly helps control my cravings.

  5. Hi there - thanks so much for stopping by. I don't eat 100% vegan, but I avoid tuna because of the mercury content and chicken eggs because I cannot tolerate them (hence the tofu substitute). If I were to make this salad with canned fish, I would just add a 4oz or 6oz can at the end instead of or at the same time as the tofu. I have actually made this salad with canned sardines instead of the tofu and it was delicious, but for the No Croutons event, submissions must be vegetarian, which is why I did a vegan version. I would think canned fish with the tofu scramble would work well, but I have not yet tried that. Hope this helps :)